About Us

Welcome to Friends of Handicap in Rwanda (FHR) Since 2006

Friends of Handicap in Rwanda (FHR) Is a non-government organization that operates in Rwanda with a legal personality registration number No56/08.11. The most important objectives that it does includes helping children and youth with disabilities. In the following program such as education, outreach , Vocational training, basic Sign language trainings, and Gentle Teaching program It focuses mostly in villages. It’s now operating in three districts Nyagatare, Kayonza and Gatsibo.

The idea was conceived in 2005 by nurse Mrs KAMANA Elevanie and it was put in action in 2006, with the idea of helping children with hearing impairement from rural areas of Rwanda. its genesis in the childhood years of Mrs Elevanie Kamana, after losing her parents who were died in 1994, she were taken into care by her uncle, Pastor Kamonyo Botanyi and his wife who are both deaf they choose to Educate her from primary education up to university.

after her education ,she has been trained in Ecole des Sourds de Kisangani it was there that Elevanie learnt sign language, and gained experience in Child Centred teaching, classroom management and behaviour management, especially in relation to the children with hearing impairement .

In 2003, she returned to Rwanda where she met and married Rev.Ndagijimana Dominique in 2004 who was raised in poor family and also who had no hope of finish senior school level .with support of one nun from catholic church he could finish it and give him homework said that “I support your education from senior 3 up to senior 6 go search a Job and support other children who have multiple problems like you had and take care of them until they will support themselves.

if it will not be so you will be betrayer of my plan” He became enthusiastic about her idea of setting up a non-Government organization in 2006 called Friends of Handicap in Rwanda (FHR) That has aim in which the communities can see that PLWD are able, and in which they can express their different talents as valued and valuable members of that community.


  1. Deaf youth can.
  2. Deaf youth can achieve their goals and their own empowerment.
  3. Promote the value and culture of deaf youth in Rwandan society.
  4. Sign Language is a language equivalent to any other language.
  5. Strengthen the confidence of the families of deaf youth.
  6. Inclusion of both deaf and hearing people in this project empowers both within their community.


Our Vision is of a future in which our communities can see that PLWD are able, and in which they can express their different talents as valued and valuable members of that community, contributing and imitating the love and example of God.


FHR advocates and sensitises people and communities to the abilities and value of PLWDs, through providing programmes of education, skills and work training, training of teaching professionals and outreach to the community and country.

Other Staffs and Heads of programs

Appart from Top Level management team an organization has other staffs including, Public relations, and finance and Resource Mobiliser volunteer.

Benjamin Kubwimana

Public Relations Officer

Kayigi Omar

Education program chair