Elevanie Kamana



Founder  and child welfare Manager

The idea of creating Umutara Deaf school is come from to Mrs KAMANA Elevanie in 2005 with the idea of helping disabled children who live in rural areas of  Rwanda.  its genesis in the childhood years of Mrs Elevanie Kamana, after losing her parents who were died in 1994, she were taken into care by her uncle, Pastor Kamonyo Botanyi and his wife who are both deaf ,they choose to Educate her from primary education up to university .after her education ,she got training from their school for the deaf called ’ Ecole des Sourds de Kisangani’  it was here that Elevanie learnt sign language, and gained experience in Child Centred teaching, classroom management and behaviour management, especially in relation to children with a disability. In 2003, she returned to Rwanda where she met and married Rev.Ndagijimana Dominique in 2004,  He became enthusiastic about her idea of setting up  a non-Government organization called Friends of Handicap in Rwanda (FHR) That has aim in which the  communities can see that PLWD are able, and in which they can express their different talents as valued and valuable members of that community. In education level she has diploma in Social science and administration  and she got chance to attend different conference and training  about children with hearing impairement in Africa,Europe ,UK.