Kayigi Omar



Education program Manager  and Head Teacher OF Umutara Deaf school

He was born in Bujumbura the capital city of Burundi where his parents were in exile due to the cruelty killings happen in Rwanda in 1959. He was raised there until 1994 his family returned back in home country after Genocide  After finish  high school in 2009, he met a South Korean missionary who were passionate to work with children in churches and nursery schools. The missionary has appointed him as assistant missionary, this missionary became his boss and a mentor at the same time.  In 2010 he went in ‘Universite Libre de Kigali(ULK) where he studied for 2 years and later suspended the studies for work where he failed to manage the conditions of staying in university and a regular job. As a result he quit the studies and kept job . In 2015 he restarted his studies for Bachelor’s degree in Education with honor in Entrepreneurship and English until 2018 in Mount Kenya University, Kigali Campus. in 2011 during this career he has been invited to South Korean by Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul through his boss Missionary Kim Bo Hye, while visiting this country he was luckily got opportunity to meet Dr. David Yong Cho (a well-known preacher).

in 2013 he become one the FHR members and start working with disability movement that is how he become project coordinator of FHR until 2016 when he was appointed as Executive secretary of FHR. In 2015 he was anointed to become a pastor in Baptist church in 2017 he was chosen to lead the department of youth in Baptist church in Rwanda

result he became the mentor of Gentle teaching methodology after being trained since 2013.he got chance of attend different training in Europe, UK, Asia and Africa.